Recycled Jewelry: Idea Introduction

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Go Green! As a generally environmentally-conscious person, I figured there had to be a way to recycle and make beautiful jewelry in one swoop. So I began to do some research and lo and behold, there were plenty of other crafters who have had the same idea. I plan to go into more depth on these different ideas as I begin to explore them in my own jewelry, but here is a list of fun stuff to try:

Old/Used game pieces - - we all know how easy it is to lose game pieces... so what do you do with the ones you have left? Make great pendants and beads! Try using:

Random stuff from around the house:
  • Washers (add some pretty paper and embellishments for one-of-a-kind donut beads)
  • Coffee Beans! (
  • Spoons (can be used as bases for resin beads)
  • Paper - - I know I have lots of scrapbooking paper I probably will never use, not to mention pretty scraps from magazines, wrapping paper, cards etc... Roll them in toothpicks with modge-podge to make beads, or use them in resin pendants.
  • Chandelier Crystals
  • Guitar Picks
  • Old/broken watches (lots of little intricate parts)
  • Old keys (I have my own collection of pretty skeleton keys)
Another great idea - most of us have random old jewelry that we don't wear anymore. Recycle those beads instead of throwing them away! Un-string, organize ( if you're that good) and incorporate into your designs. I have gotten some really beautiful beads that way - - for free!