Tutorial: Scrabble Pendants and Charms

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There are literally tons of stuff to make recycled beads out of!  Similar to domino pendants, Scrabble tiles are all the rage with pendants and charms. These step-by-step directions will lead you through the basics of the process, which you can add on to. Feel free to post links to your own scrabble tile work!

  • Scrabble tiles or similar
    • NOTE: I have found that the trickiest part of this fantastic craze is getting your hands on the scrabble tiles themselves. Ultimately, it's my opinion that upcycling old tiles (raid yard sales, second-hand stores etc) is best, however, there are plenty of other options out there.
      • Hasbro.com has 'em for just under $7 (I don't know about shipping costs)
      • Michael's sells Scrabble Tile Look-a-likes for $4
      • You can also find pre-drilled scrabble tiles on Etsy.com under supplies
  • Picture or other image 
  • Tacky Glue
  • Glossy Accents (or other glossy sealant, like Modge Podge)
  • Pearl Ex Pigments
Tools of the Trade:

  • Drill and small bit
  • Scrap of wood
  •  Xacto knife or similar
  • Thumbtack
  • Paintbrush
  • Pallet or other non-porous dish to mix on

  • Step One: Make a template of a scrabble tile using a thin piece of cardboard and an xacto knife. 
  • Step Two: Take your chosen picture, and trace the template over the design you want on your pendant or charm. Cut this out, using either scissors or an xacto kife.
  • Step Three: Mark your scrabble tile by first measuring a line down the middle. Then, make two dash marks three or four millimeters from the edge of each side. 
    • NOTE: If you are using imitation Scrabble Tiles, or the ones you're using are worn, you may want to lightly sand them, using a high grit sand paper. 
  • Step three: Drill two holes where you have marked.
    • VARIATION: If you don't want to drill holes, feel free to use a bail instead. I've found that metal bails can be pretty expensive. I saw an example where someone used a scrap-booking brad.
  • Step four: Coat the blank side of the scrabble tile with glue (via a small paintbrush and a tiny bit of water) Let the glue set and become tacky - this should not take long.
  • Step Five: Set down the image, smoothing it out over the tile. Allow it to set for a few minutes. If there is excess hanging over the edge of the tile, place it face down on the scrap of wood and trim the edges with your xacto knife.

  •  Step Six: Gently pierce through the image with a small thumbtack.
  • Step Seven: Coat the top of the tile with glue, lightly watered down, using a paintbrush. Allow to dry completely. You may wish to apply one or two additional coats. You may, alternatively, wish to use modge podge or a varnish rather than glue. This step will seal and protect your image.
  • Step Eight: You may wish, at this point, to further enhance the image you have chosen. Use Pearl Ex Pigments, with watered down glue, like watercolor paints, to add further details. You may also add more layers of images in a collage-type style for added interest.
  • Step Nine: Coat again with a thin layer of either watered down glue or varnish etc...

  • Step Ten: Cover each surface of the tile with Glossy Accents (or other) allowing the surface to dry completely before turning.
  • NOTE: If you're using a bail rather than drilling holes, you'll want to attach it at this point, using a strong epoxy. I recommend E6000

  • At this point the pendant/charm is complete!
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A Side Note on Images:
I chose to use magazine pictures from the art&antiques magazine. However, if you are planning on selling your pendants or charms, you should create your own images, or use only non-copyrighted images. If you don't have photoshop to edit pictures for the correct size etc, try GIMP : www.gimp.org

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