Classic Decadence - Vintage Inspired Earrings : Project

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I am a huge fan of beautiful vintage prints, mixed with chic modern style. You can find this artistic influence all over the web - just take a peak at your favorite artsy blogs. Many of these prints make use of delicate florals, and from this, I have drawn my inspiration for this this project.

What's The Plan, Stan?
In this project, we're going to make relief-stamped images on scrabble tiles using a beautiful floral stamp for some fantabulous earrings.

  • Two wooden scrabble tiles (or similar)
  • Alcohol inks (one or two colors)
  • Alcohol ink blending solution
  • Clear Embossing Powder
  • Silver Pearl Ex Powder
  • Glossy Accents
  • Two ear wires, two eye pins
  • Two beads, matching ink colors you're working with 
 Tools of the Trade
  • Drill and small bit, small piece of wood
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Heatgun
  • Drill each scrabble tile in the top left corner
  • Stamp the blank side of the scrabble tile with silver ink. Sprinkle with the mixed embossing powder/silver Pearl Ex Pigment. Heat with heat gun :D (I love this part!)
  •   Give it a minute to cool down. Splotch the embossed tile with one (or two) color alcohol ink. The ink will dissolve the embossed image, simultaneously creating a relief image, and floating the pearl ex pigment over the top in cool patterns. 

  • Add Alcohol Ink Blending Solution to lighten the color - dab with paper towel as necessary.
  • Once you are satisfied, allow the tiles to dry completely.
  • Coat each surface with Glossy Accents. Remember to let each side to dry completely. Drying time can differ widely, depending upon weather conditions. For example, it has been pretty hot when I've worked with Glossy Accents in the past, so it has dried much faster. Today, however, it's been frigid and rainy - so it's taken much, much longer to dry. 
  • Once the Glossy Accents has dried, attach a jump ring, then eye pin, with a matching bead. Attach your ear wires and TaDa!

Bead Artist Showcase
  • Your work could be pictured right here! Submit your own completed Victorian Inspired Earrings to Creativity In A Nutshell via email at Feel free to include plenty of pictures, new stuff you tried and any sweet new ideas or suggestions you may have :)
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