Get Your Sparking Hues With Pearl Ex Pigments : Product Review

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"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake..." 
Sir Frances Bacon
Try expressing your own sparkle and luster in your beading creations with Pearl Ex Pigments

  • What the Deuce IS It?
    •  Pearl Ex Pigments, made by Jaquard (who also make Lumiere Light Body Metallic Acrylic Paints) are color-concentrated powders with lovely bits of shimmery mica. That's all there is to 'em. And that's the beauty. You can mix them into anything, layer them on top of anything, and create some really fantastic designs while you're at it.
    • According to the Jaquard Website, you can mix them into:
      • Pearl Ex Varnish
      • Gum arabic
      • Oil paint
      • Acrylic paint
      • Gouache
      • Varnish
      • Clay
      • Poly Clay
      • Melted wax
      • And almost any other medium out there :)
    • Check out for more information.
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly
    •  Pros:
      • They come in tons of beautiful colors (over 50)
      • As noted, they are highly concentrated, so you really don't have to use all that much.
      • You can create a wide variety of effects with them
      • They're color fast
      • They're light fast
      • They're non-toxic
      • They're acid free
      • They won't tarnish
      • And They're Beautiful!
    • Cons
      • They are pretty pricey
      • You have to apply them with a medium that is going to hold them (as a binder)- so while you may make some kind of paste with just water, once the water evaporates, the pigment will just fall off.
      • Some of the hues just won't look quite right on lighter backgrounds. Most watercolor artists will understand the importance of hue-contrasts and value-contrast, so really, that's to be expected. Try using all the colors on light and dark backgrounds to see what effect you like best.
  • Verdict
    • Pearl Ex Pigments are super fun, relatively easy to work with and will add sparkle and beautiful to any project.
  • Try It Out!
  • Go Get Some!