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Here are some pieces I have made (recently and not so recently)
These pretty feather-like earrings were made a week ago or so - with a gold-plated/enamel finding, burri nut bead and a gemstone bead. All extras I had in my ever-growing kit!

I made this necklace a long time ago. Okay, a year and a half ago. It's crafted with hand-made terracotta beads from Africa. Buying these beads supports African women, and are fair trade. I'd say that's just as good as using recycled beads.

This necklace was made around the same time as the previous one, out of freshwater pears, seed beads and smokey quartz rounds. I love wearing it!

I haven't worn this one in a while, but it is pretty. It's made out of pearls, crystal quartz, peridot, labradorite and a brass dragonfly.
I made this beauty just a week ago, out of mostly fluorite beads (I bought an assortment pack ages ago) and a few lower grade amethyst rounds.
I adore this set. Glass beads with delicate gold spirals, and a slight pink hue, mixed with light rose quartz, and a more intense cherry quartz. There are also some tiny shell hieshi beads in there too. The pendant is made of shell :) Wondering what the difference is between cherry quartz and rose quartz? Well, rose quartz is actually a natural color - the stone comes out of the ground with a soft pink color. However, cherry quartz is generall crystal quartz which has been dyed a darker/more brilliant shade of pink. As with any dyed stone, you have to be careful that the color doesn't rub off. I haven't had any trouble with these beads.