Product Review: Glossy Accents

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Made by Inkssentials (Ranger) Glossy Accents is actually a scrapbooking product. However, it was discovered by jewelry/bead artisans as a sealant for beads.

  • Relatively easy to use - pop off the cap and you're ready to go
  • No fumes! This is great for me since my "studio" is also my bedroom, and I don't want to smell nasty unhealthy fumes all night.
  • Acid Free & Non Toxic (Good for the Planet; Good for You)
  • Inexpensive - I think I got mine for around $5 (a 2 oz bottle)
  • Dries quickly - However, I tend to think it has dried a bit before it has - it comes out kind of milky, and as it dried it clears. Do not be fooled! Let it set for as long as possible so it can dry to a hard finish.
  • Doesn't react with alcohol inks - domino crafters know how important this is :)
  • You can't coat a 3D object in one swoop
  • BUBBLES! (Remember the yellow fish in Finding Nemo? He would have loved Glossy Accents!)
  • Uneven surface - I have noticed, especially with my scrabble tiles, that the Glossy Accents has not dried in a smooth coat, but in a slightly uneven, lightly textured surface. It's not terribly noticeable, but still, I wonder why. I had read that you can have issues with Glossy Accents if you use too much, but I didn't use that much on the tiles.
  • Water soluble- this is not a water-proof product. So, if you were to suddenly get caught in a downpour of rain, I couldn't promise that your pendant wouldn't begin to get sticky. However, I have never done a water test, so I don't know how much exposure will how much cause disintegration.
Of all the products I have tried so far, Glossy Accents has been the easiest and most convenient. I know most people love Modge Podge, but I am not a fan of the inevitable brush or makeup sponge marks left behind. The bubbles you can work with, by being careful to not shake the bottle, and using the applicator tip or a needle to pop them. I have also reconciled myself to the fact that there will be bubbles. 

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Where to Purchase:
Michaels or other similar craft store (though I didn't find any at my local JoAnn's)