Project:: Scrabble Tile Jewelry

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  • One large image with several interesting parts Or several small corresponding pictures
  • Scrabble tiles or similar
  • Tacky glue or similar
  • Glossy Accents or similar
  • Pearl Ex Pigments
Tools of the Trade:
  • Step One : Pick out your image - you should plan to make 7 or so beads/pendants for this necklace project. (I suggest holding onto the scraps - you may be able to use them for earrings or a bracelet.
  •  Step two: Using your scrabble tile template, select seven pieces of the picture to use - cut these out with an xacto knife. Line them up with an eye for composition - try to consider how you will place them in the necklace.
  •  Step Three: Glue the cut pictures to the scrabble tiles
  • Step Four: Cover the sides and backs of the tiles with Pearl Ex Pigments (I used a crimson and a gold color) using lightly watered down glue. Allow to dry completely and coat with a layer of watered down glue, other other sealant.
  • Step Five: Cover all sides with Glossy Accents (or other sealant)
    • IMPORTANT: Allow each side to dry before touching or turning. I learned this the hard way. 
  • Step Six: Once the tiles are entirely dry, attach jump rings to each hole in the tiles.
  • Step Seven: Arrange your tiles on a beading flocking board. Select additional beads to match colors already in the pictures you used in the tiles.
C'est Fin!