Diamond Glaze: trials and tribulations

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In my bead and charm-making adventures, I have often heard many people talk about working with Diamond Glaze. I have mostly been tampering with Glossy Accents, but I though, eh, what the heck?! Got ta try something new, right? Well... my first venture with Diamond Glaze was in my Artistry Beads Tutorial, and things could have gone better.

  • I found that the Diamond Glaze quickly began to set and harden, much like nailpolish lacquer. 
  • There were literally millions of big and little bubbles, which were already in the bottle. I know that if you shake the bottle, you're going to get bubbles. I didn't shake the bottle. Still there were all these annoying little bubbles! Gah!
Good Things:
  • I really like the nice, solid and hard finish with the Diamond Glaze. It's very shiny, and shiny is good :)
  • It has no smell that I noticed
  • It didn't take long to dry... but then again that's a good and a bad thing
  • I have been told that you can mix watercolors etc into it, and it's water-soluble, so that adds other options, however, I have not yet experimented with that aspect of Diamond Glaze yet
What's the Plan, Stan?
  • Well, I am going to continue to experiment with the Diamond Glaze to see if I can't get something to work. As I find solutions, I will post them to keep you all updated!
  • If you have any tips or tools of the trade to use with Diamond Glaze, please, share! Email me at cagarp@plymouth.edu
Where can you buy some Diamond Glaze of your own?
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