Lovely Brass Butteflies: Earring Project

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Brass is all the rage these days. But, did you know there are all kinds of brass and brass finishes? As I said in my previous post, What Are All Those Metals Anyways: Brass is an allow of copper and zinc, so it's generally darker and not as brilliant as copper. The more zinc, the darker the brass. The more copper, the redder the brass. It tends to be pretty hypoallergenic.

What's The Plan, Stan?
I'm going to walk you through the process of making these simple, but really beautiful earrings, using gold finish brass butterflies, while also giving you a little information about working with brass stampings.

  • 2 Gold Plated French Earwires
  • 2 Gold Plated 1 inch eyepins
  • 2 5mm crystal quartz rounds
  • 2 12mm Gold Finish Brass Butterflies

Tools Of The Trade:
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Round Pliers
  • Wire Snips

  • The actual process for making these earrings is really easy:
    • First connect the eyepin to the butterfly. 
    • Add your crystal quartz round and finish with a wrapped loop.
    • Connect your earwire.
Some Extra Information:
  • Gold Finish Brass is not actually gold plated. The brass has actually been treated with a chemical to make it bright and shiny - like gold. Vintaj brass has been treated with a different solution to make it look tarnished and antique. There are a wide variety of finishes in brass, and all of them are fun to work with.
  • Although brass does tend to be hypoallergenic, I used gold plated findings and earwires for added protection.

C'est Fin!

Bead Artist Showcase
Your work could be right here! Submit your own brass earrings to Creativity In A Nutshell via email to Feel free to include pictures, anything new you tried and suggestions you have for improvement.

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