Upcycling With Bottle Caps!

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This week I'm jumping back into blogging, jewelry making and etsy-ing! It's been a crazy  busy month and I'm glad to have a month off from classes to get caught up with all the *real* fun stuff: jewelry!
And in honor of my return, this week is devoted to Bottle Caps!

What's The Plan, Stan?
For the day before the first of the week, I'm going to brainstorm some great ideas of upcycling with bottle caps. Check out these links for some sweet examples :)
  • Bottle Caps! There are so many options when it comes to your bottle caps
    • You can buy some crafting bottle caps from a craft shop or a jewlery supply shop
    • Do the good thing: Collect all of your (and your friend's) bottle caps. Save the interesting ones for some funky pieces
    • Cruze around looking for some vintage bottle caps. You might find some cool ones at antique, consignment or second-hand shops. Or just search bottle caps on Ebay. I found some nifty milk bottle caps - you never know what you're going to find.
  • Step one: Start collecting your bottle caps. This can take a while, so multi task! Brainstorm your ideas. Sketch em out, then try em!

  • You can drill upcycled bottle caps and use them as-is for earrings, pins, keychains, magnets
  • You can sorta paper mache on them
  • You can collage inside them, using resin to protect your work
  • You can paint in them!
  • You can stamp over them!
  • You can draw on them with a permanent marker!
  • You can drill all kinds of interesting holes in them!
Bead Artist Showcase
You work could be right here! Submit your own bottle cap ideas to Creativity In A Nutshell via email to cagarp@plymouth.edu. Feel free to include pictures, anything new you tried and suggestions you have for improvement.