Upcycling Update

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Although this week is all about working with bottle caps, I wanted to mention some of the over all fun stuff I am working on :)

I have created a brand spanking new necklace using the computer resistors and some silver plated jump rings. Sadly, I forgot a very important box when I left school for the winter break, and in that box were all of my gold and silver plated clasps. So... I will have to wait to complete the necklace until my emergency shipment comes in.
The bottle cap on the bottom is the first of a series of bottle cap charms I plan to create, connecting to my feminism studies... my plans are still very rough in that area, so I will blog more about then when I have a more solid understanding of what I want to do.
The woodchuck bottle cap is my current inspiration. Who doesn't love the refreshing taste of woodchuck?! Plus, I think the bottle caps are pretty nifty, so my plan is to make some funky earrings, using the bottle caps. We will see how that works out.