Art and Jewelry

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As a practicing artist, in college working towards my BFA/MFA I'm always looking for ways to further connect my "normal" art work with my jewelry making. I feel that creating jewelry is an art. I'd like to be able to express my more classical art in a wearable form. If you believe that art is a way to express yourself, your thoughts and your feelings to the world, then what could be a better way than to wear it? I have been toying around with ways to paint actual paintings on scrabble tiles to create unique pendants, which are also works of art. The challenge for me as an artist is that I love to work big, and even when I don't work big, the smallest I work is 3x5-ish so... a 1x1 scrabble tiles is crazy small for me. It's frustrating to attempt to work so small! So, maybe this isn't the right creative path for me. Then again, maybe I shouldn't give up so easily. As it stands, I am continuing to search for ways to integrate my classical art, my desire to save the planet and my feminist goals. Good luck to me! My New Years Resolution? To further delve into possible projects to meet those needs :) Welcome to 2010!