Sunday Madness

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Yesterday, I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes in a car. Driving to my school. Realizing I forgot a bag full of clothes. Driving back home. Then back to school. It was, in a word, great. Ohhh well. I'm here. The problem is, I forgot to bring my chain-nose pliers. Great. I'm sure that someone around here will have some I can borrow...

Today I posted this darling little scrabble tile pendant:

I hand-painted it about a month ago, inspired by some really beautiful japanese origami paper, then sealed it and added the gold plated bail. I think it would make a really nice Valentines Day gift, so it's part of my Valentines Day sale, starting on Tuesday! Full price, it's $10.00 , however, Tuesday the 2nd through Sunday the 14th, it will be just $6.00!

Want to learn more about my scrabble tile jewelry?

On a side note, the Dirt Road Artists now have a fanpage over on facebook! We will be adding photos of our great products on Etsy, info on our swaps etc and all kinds of good stuff! Check it out!


Azure Accessories said...

Sounds like something I would do, forgetting something I needed and have to drive back home...which is why I don't multi task much...I tend to get distracted very easily!!!
Love the scrabble tile...

callie said...

It's really kind of sad. I try to be organized... I think I'm really just trying to do way too much at once.
In understand being distracted! These days, that seems to describe my life!