Feminine Hair Clips: Tutorial

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Happy Tuesday Readers!
Check out this great Etsy treasury made by Dirt Road Artists team member, AzJude (See my Eeps Bird Earrings?)

The past few days I have been admiring all the fun and feminine flower hair clips out there, and I wanted one of my own. However, as most college students can attest to, when textbooks must be purchased, money is ... essentially non-existent. So, I decided to make my own!

What's The Plan, Stan?
Catch a sneak peak at my process and make some beautiful flower clips of your own

  • Silk or other fabric flowers
  • Metal hair clips or barretts
  • Embellishments:
    • Feathers
    • Sparkles
    • Glass Gems etc
  • Glue: I used E-6000, but I'm sure that a hot glue gun would do the trick
Tools Of The Trade:
  • Patience
  • First, select your flower. Silk/fabric flowers are made up of layers of petals held together with a plastic stamen (that would be the white plastic bit in the center of the flower below). Remove the stamen and take the layers apart.

  • Next, glue the layers back together, minus the stamen. You will want to create a flat base so you can easily glue the flower onto the barrett.

  • Next, glue on a button or other embellishment to cover the hole where the stamen was. In this pictures, I just used a cute white button

  • Now, glue the base of the flower onto the barrett- I strongly suggest using E-6000 or some other epoxy for this to make sure the flower is secure.

  • Voila!

Check out this barrette I made with flowers and feathers:

C'est Fin!


Azure Accessories said...

Pretty hair clips...the purple one looks lovely on you!!!

The fuchsia one with feathers is very stylish...

I would have worn one when I was younger...

Great stuff...