Super Sunday!

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Wow! I can hardly believe how quickly time is passing. I am going to back to classes before I know it!

I want to share a great treasury with you from the Dirt Road Artists Team on Etsy. This one was made by Phyllis, creator of Montezumamudd (see my Tiers of Purple Necklace?)

I also wanted to share with you some fantastic goodies I got in the mail yesterday!

I mentioned my love of Zombies Unite, a great jewelry supply shop on Etsy a while ago.
Well, I just got my order from her and I am oh sooooo happy! Seriously, check out these fantastic finds - all vintage. All I could think of was, "The lions go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!"

And check out these fantastic finds, also from Zombies Unite:

I already have plans to make earrings out of the flowers, a funky necklace with the semi-creepy doll pendant and I swear... SO IN LOVE!

I also got my order from yesterday. The were copper charms are so adorable and perfect for the designs  I have in mind:

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


Azure Accessories said...

Great treasury...they are fun to be in, I haven't don't much on Etsy for a long time...

Great parcels of goodies...I love it when the mail person(politically correct) brings me packages...