Chinese Dangle Earrings Tutorial

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These fun Chinese inspired earrings are a gift for my friend Kali's 25th birthday! I first met Kali when I was working at Hallmark, and we've been good friends since then. I really hope she likes the earrings!

What's The Plan, Stan?
  • I'm giving you these earrings too! Just follow my step-by-step tutorial and you can make them for yourself.

  • Two antiqued brass Chinese coin stampings
  • Two Chinese character antiqued brass findings
    • This is the closest I could find to the talisman I actually used for these earrings... does not seem to carry the orriginal anymore :(
  • Two gold plated earwires
  • Two 6mm pale green glass beads
  • Two gold plated fluted bicone beads
  • Two small wooden beads
  • Gold plated 22 ga wire
  • 6 8mm gold plated jumprings
  • 4 4mm gold plated jumprings

Tools Of The Trade:
  • Chainnose pliers
  • Roundnose pliers

  • Create a wrapped loop using gold plated wire through two of the brass coins.
  • Connect two 8mm gold plated jumprings to the earwires.
  • Using another 8mm jumpring, connect the large coin charm to the 2nd of the jumprings
  • Using a 4mm gold plated jumpring, connect the talisman charm to the 2nd 8mm jumpring.
  • Create a dangle: place the green glass bead, then the gold plated bicone on a headpin. End it with a wrapped loop.
  • Using a 4mm gold plated jumpring, connect the wrapped loop of the dangle to the 1st 8mm jumpring.

C'est Fin!

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