Freaky Friday Knitting Needles and Lions! Rawr!

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Hello Everyone!
It's the end of winter break and back to classes for me! I start on Monday. Wait. Let me try that again with a little more enthusiasm. I start on Monday! Huzzah!

I wanted to share some Valentines Day Love with you all!

These are earrings I made for my best friend, who can and does work magical wonders with knitting needles and all varieties of yarn. I never cease to be impressed by her tallent and skill.

She truly is a Knitting Needle Master!
For those of you who knit and would like a pair of these earrings of your own, don't fret! They will soon be in my Callie's Creations Etsy shop.

I also wanted to share this litte guy:

I'm fondly callign him Leo, though the necklace is "I'm a Lion!" Check him out! He would make the perfect addition to your day :)


Azure Accessories said...

You've had a long winter break...I'm sure you don't think so though!

Cute earrings...I'm sure your friend will love them, especially that you made them for her!

Leo is great, very ethnic necklace!

callie said...

It really was a long break! I was ready to head back to school :) The earrings were a great hit though!
I'm glad you like the necklace - that little lion is the best!