Fun Valentines Day Gift Wrap

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This Valentines Day, you don't have to run out and buy heart-covered wrapping paper. You probably already have the supplies to make your own unique and recycled gift wrap.

What's The Plan, Stan?
I made this wrapping paper that works for Valentines Day but doesn't really scream Cupid.

  • Rubber Stamp (I used a really fun Owl stamp I got from the dollar bin at Michaels a few months ago)
  • Ink Pad (you can use all kinds of colors - I just used black ink)
  • Tissue Paper, Craft Paper, Old Wrapping paper (shhh it's a secret, but I just used the tissue paper from a giftbag I'd gotten a while ago)

Tools Of The Trade:
  • Creativity
  • Hands

  • Ink up your stamp

  • Plot your image around the paper - spreading it out. I found I could get three ok stamps with one go before having to re-ink. The first stamp will be darkest, then lighter etc.

  • Work your way around until the entire page is covered

This also works well as a background for your jewelry photographs: This is my Hearts of Porcelain Valentines Day set

I also want to share with you this really great tutorial on make your own eco-friendly, recycled shipping boxes. My mind is spinning with ideas! Check Out: Picnic Basket Crafts

C'est Fin!


Azure Accessories said...

Great ideas Callie...I like to use simple things as well...I also make all my own cards!

Your Hearts of Porcelain set is beautiful...I'm great fan of blue!!!