Earrings for Alex

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It's been qutie a hectic and crazy semester for me back at school. One great thing was moving into a new dorm room with my old friend Olivia, and my new friend, Alex. We just got grades back and Alex did oober fantastic for her first semester at college. I've made her some congradulatory earrings, and I think they're pretty swanky :)

What's The Plan, Stan?
  • I'm going to give you a sneak peak of what went into making these adorable earrings

  • Solid Copper earwires
  • 6 soild copper headpins
  • 4 mauve freshwater pearls
  • 2 indigo freshwater pearls
  • 2 8 mm solid copper jumprings
  • 6 glass seed beads
Tools Of The Trade:
  • Wire snips
  • Round nose pliers
  • needle nose pliers


C'est Fin!


Alex W said...

Those are quite possibly the best earrings I've ever seen!

Azure Accessories said...

Great earrings...I'm sure Alex will be very happy! What a nice gesture...

Is that her above???

callie said...

Thank you! They were fun to make and pretty darn cute. And yes, that was Alex above :)