Indie Expressions Series

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I am so excited by my newest series of jewelry, available for purchase in my Etsy shop

Indie Expressions

What's The Plan, Stan?
  • I have been so inspired as I've been brainstorming and creating these peices! Everything from the music I'm listening to, to the materials I'm working with is just flowing with this over-arching idea.
    • Well, what music AM I listening to anyways? Indie is probably the hardest most impossible genre of music to define... so, I'll just give you a list of some of the most fun and fantabulous artists I'm listening to:
      • Muse
      • Mika
      • Modest Mouse
      • Kings of Convenience
      • Damien Rice
      • Iron & Wine
      • The Shins
      • The Decemberists
      • Ingrid Michaelson
      • Drawn From Bees
      • The Middle East
      • Red Sparrows
      • Ryan Meeking & the Few
I am in love with every single piece I have made for this series! Here are some of the ones already up and listed in my Etsy shop

    I do happen to have a couple pictures from the creative process involved in making the Mr. Owl Necklace - which is sooooo cool (I think!)

I am in LOVE with these little Japanese porcelain cups I bought at a little second-hand shop in Meredith New Hampshire while I was out and about on Thursday

And this is Chance, my beading buddy :D