Birds In Love Necklace Tutorial

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Check out this lovely vintage style pendant:
What's the Plan, Stan?
I used it to create this fantastic and beautiful necklace - and here's a tutorial to show you how to make it too!
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  • 24 Dyed jade 6mm red rounds (I got these from in their great beads for bloggers program, but they don't seem to be available any more)
  • 24 Brass eyepins
  • Brass chain
  • Brass birds pendant
  • Brass grape leaf drop
  • Brass lobster clasp

Tools Of The Trade:
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round nose pliers

  • First, start by placing the 24 jade beads on eye pins. Finish with a wrapped loop.

  • Next, begin the actual necklace. For the first part, both halves will be the same:
    • 1 inch chain, 1 jade, 5 chain links, 1 jade, 1 chain link, 1 jade, 1 chain link, 1 jade

  • At this point, the sides are different.
    • Right Side: 2 chain links, grape leaf connector, 3 chain links
    • Left Side: 14 chain links ( you will want the left side to match the length of the new section on the right side - the number of links may not exactly match this tutorial, depending upon the size of the chain you are working with)
  • From here on, the sides are the same again: 1 jade, 1 chain, 1 jade, 1 inch chain, 1 jade, 4 chain links, 1 jade, 3 chain links, 1 jade, 2 chain links, 1 jade, 3 chain links, 1 jade, 4 chain links, 1 jade, 5 chain links. End with the clasp.

  • As a final touch, connect an extra length of chain, about 5 inches long to the link under the brass grape leaf connector, and the link above the corresponding jade link on the opposite side (the fourth jade link from the pendant)

C'est Fin!

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