Birds Birds Birds

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Hello Blogging World!
It has been a long, long time since I've written, but I promise I haven't forgotten you all!

I wanted to restart my blog by sharing with you some wonderful, fantastic beads for your own jewelery creations.

Birds are everywhere these days - in home decor, arts and crafts and in our jewelry. And even if it's become a little bit cliche, I do absolutely love these beads:

These cute little bronze connectors are only $2.59 for 6 at CVMVision

And because my girlfriend sings this song constantly, and very annoying things should be spread around:

And because I think it's cute, check out the video below:

Artwork: "Lady"

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I created this piece in the Fall of 2009 in a Figure in Value course using ink, a sumi brush and a thin stick.

My own interpretation is a kinetic simplification of the female form, without objectification. To me, this piece is celebratory, alive and lovely. Perfection is not an issue. The ink and the figure easily slide into one another. Where is the ink and the mark more important than the figure? Where is the figure more important than the line?

Is this a feminist work? Can a work support feminist ideas without being feminist itself?

New Blog

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Dear Readers,
I wanted to share with you a new blog I have started

Dear Readers: I am so sorry

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Dearest Readers,
I hope you can accept my sincere apology for having not written in the past... age and a half. I have been very, very busy between classes and work, and have been dealing with a few personal issues on the side. I hope you have not forgotten me... and I can't wait for the next blog - a tutorial on a fantastic spring necklace! Yes, yes yes! Spring is in the air!
On to unrelated news... I will be heading to a Feminist Youth Conference in Washington DC this weekend, but will return for Spring Break - time to get caught up on projects, blogging and all that shtuff that makes me happy!
I hope you are all well!

Great Blog by another College Student Blogger

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Hello readers!
I am sorry I have been so absent lately. As many of you know, I am a full-time college student, with a couple jobs on campus - so time has been really short.
Today I want to share this great blog with you. The blogger is a fellow college student - in fact she is in one of my classes! Her blog is fantastic, interesting and tastey! Check it out!

Sneak Peaks

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So guess what readers?! I got some new beautiful beads from! They are so fantastic and I am so excited to make necklaces with them - which I will share with you all!

Look at all of the wonderful Czech glass beads they have! And I love the olivine swarovski beads... and, well, you already know about my weakness for brass...

Wonderful Etsy Treasury

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I wanted to share this beautiful treasury with you all:
It was put together by a fantastic and talented Etsy Artist - Lifeshades.
I'm so happy she included my Bluebird Glass and Feather Necklace with such wonderful work. Many of the pieces in the treasury are by members of the Dirt Road Artists team