How to Make the Most of Your Money: Tip 1

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Making jewelry is expensive. There is just no way around it. So, I'm going to start handing you tips and tools for making it much more affordable, and in some cases free. Remember, the goal here is saving a dime, but also saving the environment.

What's The Plan, Stan?

  • Raid your (and your friends') recyclables and trash
    • Ok, I don't necessarily want you to go dumpster diving, but keep and eye out for:
      • Soda and beer cans
      • Bottle caps
      • Plastic water, soda, juice etc bottles
      • # 6 recyclable plastic - it will shrink when you heat it up (a fun tutorial to follow in the near future)
  • Go through your magazines
    • Most magazines have some pretty sweet pictures (after all, most of us only look at the pics anyways! Use 'em to make some beautiful beads, like the Tutorial on Scrabble Tile Pendants and Charms
    • Keep your eye out for cool text and stuff (a sweet tutorial using these little treasures is sure to show up soon)
  • Rummage through your drawer of miscellaneous hardware
    • Look for cool string-able stuff, like washers. Or look for funky little stuff that you can glue on to make fantastic designs, like steampunk jewelry.
  • Broken Technology
    • We all have broken or old technology around. Take it apart and find some really sweet stuff to make nifty, geeky jewelry with
      • Calculators
      • Keyboards
      • Ancient computers
      • Those annoying broken remotes
      • Ancient and broken phones (if you have ancient but working phones, you really should donate them to people who need them)
  • Broken Watches
    • How many of us have stupid non-functioning watches just kind of hanging out in our dresser drawers in the blind hope that one day they will miraculously begin ticking again. I'm not saying you should destroy your Rolex, but old and not especially valuable watches have some really nifty parts in them.
      • The glass
      • Rotart parts, hands etc
      • Chips etc, if a digital watch
  • Old Board Games
    • What happens once you lose one of your game pieces? You can't exactly play the game, so it ends up collecting dust in some closset or cupboard. Instead, raid 'em for some wicked sweet jewelry
      • Dominos
      • Mahjong tiles
      • Checkers
      • Scrabble tiles (of course)
      • Use your imagination!

Do you have any cool recycling/upcycling ideas? Let us know! Leave a comment below, or email me at