Why Hand Made?

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In the age of Walmart and Amazon, we have gotten used to the idea that the lower the price tag, the better the deal. I know I'm guilty of this - I buy my books at the cheapest website, search out the best deals on clothes and coupon clip my way through life. So why then should we, as bead and jewelry artists and jewelry buyers (equally important) bother with more costly Handmade jewelry and beads?

What's the Big Deal?
  • Jewelry handmade by jewelry and bead artists weren't made in some underground sweatshop. You can wear it completely guilt free.
  • You are supporting an artist, doing your part to help the creative community.
  • Unlike the stuff you buy at New York & Co etc handmade jewelry is exactly that --Handmade. Someone took a great deal of time and effort to m ake something entirely unique and beautiful for you to wear. That should be celebrated. In buying a bead/jewelry artist's piece, you are, in a way, buying a piece of them.

Bead Artist Showcase
Do you make handmade beads and/or jewelry? Your work could be right here! Send me a pic and some info to Creativity In A Nutshell via email to cagarp@plymouth.edu.

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