Handmade Paper Beads

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It is a blizzard outside right now. No joke and no exageration. There is so much SNOW!

To brighten up my day, I wanted to show you a great option for your beaded creations!

MzuriBeads is a fantastic company that sells paper beads made by hand in Uganda
I have been intrigued by paper beads for quite a while, and even attempted to make them, but I wasn't very good at it. Ohhh well, these ones are environmentally friendly and buying them helps support Ugandan craftswomen. These beads are sold all over the UK online and in actual shops. Sadly, they are not sold anywhere in the US, but you can purchase them on their website. Take a look around, they have some really interesting stuff :) There is even a little guide to making your own paper beads!

I would love to buy a bundle myself and test them out, make some fantastic creations in my Etsy shop!
Let me know if you try em - tell me what you think!

C'est Fin!